Featured Project – Schnitzer Steel (Burbank)

Schnitzer Steel recently opened a new recycling facility in the city of Burbank, Washington.  Here scrap metal will be collected and shipped to Portland for processing.  It was decided that a camera system would be the best way to supervise the processes taking place in the yard.  Pixel was contracted to design and install a system to suit their needs.

The environment that these cameras would be subjected to influenced our design greatly.  These cameras would need to be able to see a large area with as few cameras as possible.  Mega-pixel IP cameras were chosen due to their high detail and large resolution.

The first of the two cameras monitored their scale and office building.  It was installed in a sealed outdoor housing that could withstand the elements while maintaining a clean appearance.  The second of the two IP cameras was installed inside the maintenance shop.  This one camera gives managers full view of the interior of this building with great detail.

The rest of the scrap yard was monitored by a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera.  This camera gave the user the ability to see any part of the grounds surrounding it.  Once an object of interest was spotted, the user could zoom in on that location to gain greater detail from the image.  This camera was placed on the network through the use of a video server installed in an outdoor enclosure near the PTZ.

Using existing network infrastructure, a server was installed to  manage the camera recording.  This server also provided a user-friendly interface to access live view and video playback.  They also utilized more advanced features such as customizable screen partitioning, instant playback, and the digital PTZ functions.  The server and its software give managers a simple and efficient method of viewing their camera system./

Once completed,  managers could do the jobs of several supervisors from the comfort of their office.  No incident will go unnoticed, increasing safety awareness and reducing liability on site.  Schnitzer Steel can now rest assured that all processes taking place at this new location will be performed safely and efficiently.