Featured Project – Schnitzer Steel (Portland)

Schnitzer Steel’s Portland branch brought similar complications as their Tacoma operation.  Once again, dirty air, hazardous materials, outdoor elements, and wiring distances brought the need for application of specific products.  Managers were looking to increase monitoring of ground operations as well as protecting equipment and assets located around the recycling yard.  With cameras and a DVR already in place, Pixel  Security sought to replace damaged cameras and their outdated video recorder.  Additional cameras were also installed to give a wider range of viewing capabilities to the Schnitzer managers.

The first of many upgrades began with the replacement of their outdated and inefficient video recorder.  A Pixel 16-channel digital video recording server was put in place to manage camera operations.  The new DVR produced better playback abilities, easier control of pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, and simpler software navigation.  KVM extenders were installed with the DVR to give multiple managers simultaneous access to the video feeds at all hours.

Installation of a PTZ camera in the maintenance and storage area monitored activity below.  This ensured all safety regulations were kept and supplies in storage would be distributed properly.    Two additional PTZs replaced failed cameras on the upper corners of the main factory warehouse.  The scanning and zooming functions of these cameras expanded the surveillance area once limited by old fixed cameras.  All wiring and connections were sealed in junction boxes to prevent wear and damage from hazardous conditions.

Another PTZ camera and a fixed box camera needed to be mounted on a pole near the front security entrance.  The fixed camera would identify incoming traffic at the security checkpoint.  The PTZ would monitor the nearby railway receiving area and Schnitzer’s main electrical substation.  Distance and difficulty in wire installation brought the need for a wireless solution.  Both cameras utilized wireless transmitters to send their data back to the DVR via receivers mounted on the main factory warehouse.  Wireless systems save time and money when range and terrain create difficult wiring conditions.

Schnitzer Portland is now pleased to have a zero-maintenance surveillance system that’s easy to use.  Increases in functionality of the DVR and cameras have given managers the monitoring they desired.  Low cost wireless solutions have saved money and headaches that conventional technology would have created.  Overall, Schnitzer Steel Portland was a success that boasts Pixel’s quality of product and experience of install in any location.