Featured Project – Lloyd Center Mall

The Lloyd Center is a large shopping mall in the heart of Portland’s Hollywood district.   This facility is home to more than 110 video security cameras that monitor all of the mall’s operations.  The video monitoring system here is a very important tool to the security staff.  The cameras and staff using them help stop shop lifters and car thieves.  They make sure there are employees at the service desk and that the floors are clear and safe for the many shoppers.  In other words, these cameras are used nonstop all day, every day, as is the footage they record.

Originally the security staff would have to search through an archive of VCR tapes to export the needed clips.  This system grew obsolete over the years and it became apparent that a system capable of allowing instant access to video clips would be required.  Improving the video quality of these clips was an additional goal they hoped to achieve.

A competing manufacturer’s DVR was selected to replace their VCRs and they had two installed into their system.  These servers were installed poorly and lacked the quality of video the security staff had hoped for.  It wasn’t long until the DVR itself failed and the Lloyd Center managers were once again looking for a recording solution that would offer more reliability than the system just installed.

Pixel was contacted and soon installed two 16-channel digital video recording servers to replace the failed servers and test for functionality with their system of cameras.  These DVRs gave the Lloyd Center the reliability and ease of use they were searching for with the first DVR.  A server rack was installed in a neighboring room and the two DVRs found their permanent home there.  Three more 16-channel DVR servers and two 24-channel DVR servers were combined with the two current DVRs to make a total of 128 recordable video channels.  The wiring was also changed to utilize the current matrix video system’s looping outputs to feed the DVRs.  This created simplicity and increased video quality.

In addition to the servers, a central management workstation was installed.  This allowed security staff to export video clips and burn them to CD or DVD at a moment’s notice.  An advanced KVM switch and extender was installed to allow easy management of the DVR servers.  Two uninterruptable power supplies were installed to ensure the DVRs never stopped recording.

The finishing of the system gave Lloyd Center security staff the ability to search and export quality video clips on the fly.  They were also able to eliminate their archiving of VCR tapes.  All these improvements have helped increase safety and efficiency on the floors of the Lloyd Center Mall.

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