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Connecting Dots

Elevate Your Building Management to New Heights!

The Ultimate Tenant Experience with Integrated Intercom, IP Phone Integration, and Package Management!


Centralized Tenant Management

  • Our solutions seamlessly integrates with access control systems, allowing property managers to remotely grant or revoke access permissions, monitor entry logs, and ensure the safety of tenants and property.

  • Seamlessly integrate the intercom system with IP phones, enabling direct and convenient communication between tenants and property managers.

  • Tenants can use their IP phones to receive intercom calls, grant access remotely, and communicate effortlessly, improving overall convenience and accessibility.

  • Simplify the management of packages and deliveries. Our platform offers features such automated notifications, and secure access points, ensuring efficient and secure handling of incoming deliveries.

Seamlessly integrate intercom functionality, IP phone communication, and package management to create an environment that enhances convenience, security, and tenant satisfaction.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how Pixel Security can revolutionize your tenant management process. Let's redefine the way you communicate, streamline deliveries, and provide an exceptional living experience for your residents.

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